Tags groups of audio files using CDDB.


TagLookup is a utility for tagging MP3s and other taggable audio file formats. It inspects a set of audio files and uses their lengths to look up an appropriate disc from a CDDB-compatible service. TagLookup can be used in two modes:

As well as this, TagLookup can:

Current Version

Current version is 0.2. Release date 2007-10-28

Supported Formats

TagLookup supports all formats that are handled by taglib. As of version taglib 1.4 these are: MP3 (ID3v1 and ID3v2), Ogg Vorbis (comments and ID3 tags) and FLAC (Vorbis comments).

Usage and Examples

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TagLib Patch

If you are having problems with genres being written as numbers (in strings), you may wish to patch taglib's id3v2tag.cpp.


Alex Allan <alex X kamaz.org.uk>


Thanks to Scott Wheeler of the KDE Project for taglib, Kris Verbeeck for libcddb and to the freedb developers and contributors.

License and Copyright

TagLookup and this site © Copyright Alex Allan 2007. All rights reserved.

TagLookup is under the terms of a BSD-like license: TagLookup License